You’re about to get bombarded by a delicious, ridiculous, nonsensical deluge of happiness.

It’s less than one month before I leave for Dublin, and that alone has cranked my happy-factor up to 9.5. (Incidentally, it has also cranked up my crazy-factor and wine-drinking-factor, but those rarely drop below a 6 anyway.)

When I started seeing the 100 Happy Days Challenge popping up all over the Interwebs, I thought “I can ROCK this challenge.” If I can’t find happy moments while adventuring my way through Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, and (possibly) Croatia then I don’t deserve to go this journey.

In case your news feeds haven’t been flooded by as many happy people as mine have, here’s how the challenge works: every single day you have to take a picture of something that makes you happy. Then you Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, or email it with the hashtag #100happydays. (I’m also pinning on Pinterest, because I’m a rebel.)

After 100 days of this, you will be a happier, nicer, awesome-er person. Your shakras will align. You’ll stop to smell the roses and hear birds chirping. A leprechaun might even appear and help you achieve world peace. I’m not sure, I didn’t read the fine print.

I technically started this challenge yesterday – and I did tweet a picture. But main blog posts happen Tuesday (order, I must have order!) so you’re just hearing about it now.

Day 1: Meeting Vinny, The Wolf


Confession: I technically met Vinny a day before I officially started the challenge, but when you get to meet a friendly wolf, how can you NOT use that as Day 1??

Saturday night I was invited to a bonfire where I ate way too many desserts (if that’s even possible) and talked with a bunch of woman as crazy as I am, many of whom are world travelers or setting out on their own great adventure. (More about the Sisters of the New Moon to come…) And, I met a wolf. A real, live, huge, sweet, furry wolf.

Vinny the wolf lives on a beautiful farm tucked back away in the woods in Conway, Arkansas. She occasionally masquerades as a German Shepard so as to not terrify UPS delivery drivers.

She was really curious about me, and kept circling around and sneaking up to sniff my cheek when I was pretending to ignore her. Not in a “I want to eat you” kind of way; more in a “I really want you to pet me but I’m a wolf so I have to play it cool” kind of way.

Let me just say, her two dog buddies have it made. Since the best way to make a wolf-friend is to demonstrate your trustworthiness (and rump-scratching ability) with the dogs first, they get a lot of attention. And boy, do they eat it up. I’m pretty sure they know that people come to see the wolf, but they don’t really care. They just reap the benefits.

So, I made two new best doggie friends, some awesome human friends, and a wolf friend. And I got homemade desserts. If that doesn’t make you happy, you’re probably Scrooge McDuck.

I’m pretty excited about this challenge. I already find myself looking around for things that are making me happy. I actually had to choose from a whole list for Day 1! Just in case you’re wondering, my rejected happy moments were:

  1. Pulling a 6-inch blade of grass out of a cat’s nose (he was very grateful).
  2. Learning all about German beer while shoveling 3,500 lbs. of mulch.
  3. Eating monster cookies for breakfast. Yes, they are called monster cookies.

So, get prepared for a lot of random silliness.

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Mandie is a writer, rebel & web design junkie. In her spare time she enjoys drinking wine, traveling & working on her perpetually unfinished novel. She was a nerd before it was cool.

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  1. Megan @ Mapping Megan    

    This post in itself makes me happy! I hadn’t yet heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge – but totally taking it up as of now – thanks!!

    1. Mandie    

      I know – I thought it was such a neat idea that I had to try it! I was getting pretty stressed out with all the last-minute organizing so I thought it would be a great way to stay focused on the positive!

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